produit minceur naturel efficace(non-registered)
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Francisco and Karen tiscareno(non-registered)
Stunning! Minute vacations comes to mind! Its like We are there.
Barbara Mills(non-registered)
Your photos are beautiful !! I especially love the old doors. I want to post your site to my Pinterest board.......any thoughts on how I can do that? Keep it up. I love what you have done!
Dan Smith(non-registered)
Great photo ops in Oregon..get up here
Sharon Richardson(non-registered)
I am completely awed! What a fabulous idea! No wonder you were sleeping when I called yesterday Dan!
Harl Buckridge(non-registered)
Give me a call some time.
Stephanie Kerkechian(non-registered)
Wow Kent!! You are talented!! Love all the pics! My daughter is just starting her hobby of photographyand she loved the pic's ,too! Beautiful details!! I'm interested in the "house of worship". Love it!
Art De La Torre(non-registered)
We enjoyed the pics, I was in Bodie back in the late 60's looks about the same, tho a little more rusty ? If that's possible. Looks like u had a great adventure...gotta love that sand
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